Thursday, February 25, 2010

Huz is out of town

Of course.

So, my boy is stepping foot on the short road to delinquency. We call it "juvi" around here.

While we were away, he filled all the (newly filled) soap dispensers in the house with food coloring. Lots of food coloring. Enough to dye your hands every time you wash.


He said he was getting a start on St. Patricks Day.


He was being a naughty leprechaun. Thank you public school system for teaching my children leprechauns do not leave chocolate gold, they run through your house ransacking it and causing mischief. Yep, thanks.

Kudos for getting a jump on the St. Patty season, Buddy.

So, we dumped all the soap down the sink...the slightly clogged kitchen sink. The slightly clogged kitchen sink that drains its refuse into the dishwasher. That one. The one that was going to be fixed when Huz got back.

Flash forward. Morning dishes. Dishwasher...clogged with 24oz of backed up hand, hand soap.


Here is the beginning of the end product of St. Patty's gone wild.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Internally yours.

So, Rei was still suffering from some tummy aches; and I just couldn't continue our infectious cycle and take her to the gym.

Another day at home.

I've got cabin fever...B.A.D. Two weeks of puke, laundry, lysol, puke, laundry, and lysol has not made me a better person.

So, I loaded my ailing daughter into her stroller and we took the dog for a good walk.

Now, I imagined a lovely internal dialogue with myself...all runners enjoy this...right?! I have a hard time being with myself. But, I was going to give it a try. I usually love being distracted by the TV or ipod while I'm exercising. I just work better when I don't know what's going on.

Anyway. The internal dialogue ended up being quite external.

Good dog.
No dog.
What do you need Reily?
No you can't. You'll backwash in my bottle.
walk, walk.
back to internal dialogue.
No, no puppy. Stay away from the wheels.
I don't know why the road has paint on it.
Yep. We're almost there.
back to internal dialogue.
Nope. Not yet.
I'll let you know when we pass the park.
No, we can't go swimming today. It's too cold
No, puppy.
Hang on.
back to internal dialo..
I promise we're almost home.
Hang on another minute.
You too, dog.
Everybody will get a drink when we get home.
walk, walk.
Oh yeah. Internal dialogue.
We're home.

I guess I'm not the conversationalist I would like to be.
Where are my earphones?