Friday, June 20, 2008


Wow this has been a summer of milestones!!

Last week Macy decided it was time to learn to ride her 2-wheeler. She got on and with one push - she was off. She was cruisin'!

Go Macy!

Geoj and Reily

I love to listen to Reily...and she gives me plenty of opportunities. Maybe it's because I know that this adorable, squeaky, 2.75 year old voice is fleeting. She has such a sweet pronunciation of everything. She also has a strong Northeastern accent, which we have been slow to correct. But this clip takes the cake.

She also likes "Fthluff" sandwhiches and wears "Fthlip-Fthlops" on her feet.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My other little poet

Macy wrote these a few weeks ago. She was truly something. I wrote while she dictated. I love it!!

"The Dark Jungle Sea"
As the sea across the jungle night
I sit on my porch
and I watch the birds
They will come to me as I hold my one finger
As I love
my heart
It will do the morning light.

"Morning Work"
As do I the morning work in the morning light
And I do the time as I love
That I like.

"The Birds"
That I like the birds
My mom will tell me that the birds like
only birdseed to eat
The birds like me when I hold my one finger out
Then the birds will come to me.

Beautiful words from a lovely little 5 year old. I'm sure a poet laureate (or child psychologist) could make sense of it all.

Mmmmm....I could eat her up.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Maybe next year

Macy LOVED the kick boards this year. The diving board..mmm...not so much.

She tried to muster up the courage. But, in the end, decided it was probably best left for next year.

She sure looks cute though! : )

5 Bucks & 2 pieces of candy...

Not to be out done...Taylor took the plunge on the last day of swim lessons...GO GIRL GO!
It only cost me $5 and 2 pieces of candy.

Monday, June 9, 2008

No guts...No glory!!

Whoopie!! Look at this kid go!! Payton jumped off the high dive this week at swim lessons. It didn't take nearly as much nudging (or bribery) as I thought. He got to the end of the board...ordered the lifeguards into position...and flew!! Go Payton!!