Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trouble in Paradise

So, I am a night owl. There's something that happens to me at 10:00 and keeps me up until 12:00 or 1:00 every night. Usually, I'm doing nothing. I would like to think I'm being effective. But, that is not always the case. Anyway, I am usually looking to head back to bed in the mornings after I get the Bigs off to school. Sometimes, I'm successful. Other times, Little Reils is up to thwart all my good...and evil...plans.

This morning, however, she snuggled down and we were both lulled to sleep by Noggin...BLISS! Unfortunately, very much later, we were startled awake by the theme song of "Lazytown". Now, I know this program is specifically intended to air at 10:00 so that parents, such as I, the ones still sitting on the couch, will be slapped into reality and get off their duff. But, I was stuck. Reily was still snoozing, on my arm; and the remote was all the way over there. TORTURE! I was forced to watch Robby Rotten attempt to take over the world while reminding me of all my lazy and unhealthy habits.

Who do I call to take Lazytown off the map of my life?

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

How fun is Kindergarten? I don't think I had nearly this much fun. Although, I did love Ms. Patti Zimmerman, her early 80's permy-poof hair, and her corduroy pants that made a great noise when she walked. Those were the days. But, I digress...

Macy and her fellow Kindy-garten pals took part in the Kindergarten Circus 2 weeks ago.

Macy was a trained circus dog. She, along with her other canine buddies, rolled over, slid down a slide, and even begged for Scooby snacks.

Too cute!
Of course, I loved the dogs. But the popcorn vendors and clowns were also top notch!
I can't wait for the DVD...seriously.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

She Said...He Said...

I said, "Let's paint the big playroom and move Macy and Reily in. They could use the space."

He said, "Let's put up a wall and make 2 rooms...one for a kid and the other would be a library of sorts."

He won and I'm so glad he did.

Blaine has done such a great job on Taylor's new room. It's almost done. It's even more finished than these pictures. He has since put up wood trim with magnetic strips throughout it (great for Jonas Brothers' posters) and a door.

Tay gets to move in right after Spring Break.

Way to go DAD!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reily's Prom Date

I know she's picked out the dress already (thank you High School Musical).
So, I picked her date.

This is Reily's good friend Eli. He so sweet and mild mannered. They spend a couple of days together each week and are best friends.

Entwined arms...they start young.

St. Patrick's Day

My favorite:

Eli brushing her hair out of her face. I think he's been watching "Sleepless in Seattle".

It exists...

I found this on Payton the other day.

I know there are a few people wondering if Payton EVER smiles. Here's some proof...I was there. I saw it.
(His teeth are not REALLY that big.)

Singing for her Sister

Macy got shampoo in her eyes a couple of nights ago. Being focused on Hollywood and her future career, the dramatics were AMAZING! She was pretty convinced she would be blind by morning, if she had eyes at all.

Reily composed and performed this song as she went to bed.

Macy's eyes will feel better when it's wake-up time.

And she needs ice cream.

Macy's eyesight was fully restored by morning.

Summing it all up...

We were expecting a university visitor last week. In preparation, Blaine began an important conversation with the kids about their expected behavior. He didn't get very far. It sums each child up perfectly!

Dad: I am bringing home a visitor on Thursday. We need to put our best foot forward.

Taylor: Well, I'm good with both feet!

Payton: I don't have a good foot.

Macy: Will I get to paint my toes?

Reily had no response...probably because her feet are never still.

We were laughing so hard we left the table in tears. The conversation never was finished; and, the children were well behaved for our visitor.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fishwash Backwash

Reily and I were out running errands yesterday. I had just worked out [*gold star]. She was snacking on goldfish and water.

When we got to Wal-Maht, I grabbed her water bottle and chugged it...I was REALLY thirsty. Reily starts screaming, "No! Mom! No! It has goldfish in it! It always gets goldfish in it when I eat them!".

Then the aftertaste hit.

Sho'nuf I had chugged her water AND her fishy backwash.

Lesson learned

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No Ken for you!!!

Now, I am well aware of the special place Zac Efron holds in the hearts of Macy and Reily; and that Joe Jonas has claimed a large part of Taylors. But, I never expected this:

Scene: Target. Time to spend allowance.

Mom: Mace, look at this Ken doll. He's not creepy like the one you have. You could get a new Ken doll with your allowance.

Macy: Let me see.

[Mom shows Macy the doll]

Macy: Mmmmm....I could kiss that!

[Mom freaks out. Proceeds to look up boarding schools and convents when she arrives home. She also contemplates building a tall tower to lock Macy in until her 20's]

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day - SC Style

The school district sent out the message Sunday night that school would be cancelled due to inclement weather...without a flake of snow...really?! Those flakes never arrived.

With the whole day off and the expectation of something cold and slushy...Mom had to come throught where Mother Nature failed...SONIC!!

Yum! Limeades and Slushes. That was as cold as it got. (I checked my mail in my bare feet!)

So, I'm sending a South Carolina Snow Day to all of my Nor'Easter friends as they dig out of our share of this storm.