Sunday, March 22, 2009

Summing it all up...

We were expecting a university visitor last week. In preparation, Blaine began an important conversation with the kids about their expected behavior. He didn't get very far. It sums each child up perfectly!

Dad: I am bringing home a visitor on Thursday. We need to put our best foot forward.

Taylor: Well, I'm good with both feet!

Payton: I don't have a good foot.

Macy: Will I get to paint my toes?

Reily had no response...probably because her feet are never still.

We were laughing so hard we left the table in tears. The conversation never was finished; and, the children were well behaved for our visitor.


Mike and Ariane said...

Funny! I love it!

erin 'n phil said...

hahahahahaha!!! you seriously need to write a book. I love those kids.

Melanie Sharp said...

I love these kids! I'll never forget a dinner where the volume was a little higher than Blaine was comfortable with so he called for a Quaker Mtg. Silence befell the table until I couldn't contain my laughter any longer and I lost it (my composure and the Quaker Mtg. Contest). Ah, the good ole days with the Griffen clan!