Sunday, September 21, 2008

A mom of a boy

Well, Payton pretty much sealed his glory with the squid eating experience. But, I have to say being his mom is fun too.
If it weren't for him...
I wouldn't be well-informed about artifact finding on Lego Indiana Jones; and that it is wicked cool to have a character named after you that has both a whip and a gun.

I likely wouldn't fully recognize the need for more pokemons (pokemen?)...especially those made out of Legos.
I wouldn't have anyone to console when the house smells like the aforementioned fruity-sugary products; and tell him that someday, he will actually like the smell of girls and recognize the smell of "Stinky Recess Boy" (and want to do something about it).

He does pretty good hanging in there with a house of sisters!

The sweet indulgences of a mother of girls

I love being the mother of girls because...

I can go to Target and buy the Jonas Brothers album (the one that is $2 more and has an extra DVD) and blame it on them. There is something about those boys that brings back everything adolescent and giddy in me. I'm not sure they're cute. But, I really like their music.

I can let them stay up late to watch Camp Rock. But, really, I just want to see it all the way through. It seems I missed out on a lot of Disney Channel while I was working nights. Yes, there are even SOME Hannah Montana episodes that are new to me...although, most have been seen close to 9,875, 367 times...but I can't get enough of Jackson.

I can buy little notepads and any body products that smell like fruit or sugar (i.e. Gigantic Bonne Belle Lip Smackers).

I can buy cute jeans in a small size an marvel at how well each daughter can fill them out...then look up convents and boarding schools on the Internet.

I can paint nails...a blessing and a curse. It was fun with one. But when there's a gaggle of 3 and the smallest insists on painting her own...OY! But, they DO look cute when they're cleaned up.

And tonight, I'm holding conversations with them while they talk (and sing) in their sleep.

Thank heavens for little girls!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Taylor tried out for the District Elementary choir. It is comprised of 100 or so 4th and 5th grade virtuosos. They've performed around the South, at Governor's functions, even at Disneyworld.
Well, on Saturday she sang her sweet little vibrato until glasses shattered; and yesterday, we got the good news...SHE MADE IT!!

Woo Hoo! Go Taylor!
It hasn't gone to her head one bit!

Save the drama for your Mama....Pleeeeease?!

It appeared as though our pediatrician in Georgia FORGOT one of Macy's vaccinations for Kindergarten. So, Macy had to get one more shot before she could continue.
HOLY MOLY! You would've thought it was a anesthesia-free amputation! She was over-the-top. The nurse was afraid to "shoot" her because her arms were so tight around my neck, she risked making my cheek "Polio-free".
Finally, she stuck her; and in a few seconds time, we were on our way. She was anxious to get back for recess. I'm sure she had quite the war story to tell her buddies. As, I drove away from the school, I could see her sprinting around the playground...flailing her arms. Poor baby!

I'm sure there's a scar there somewhere.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

When your mom is your only friend...

Alright, being new to this place isn't doing us a lot of good in the friendship department. The big kids have left us for the greener pastures of camaraderie at school. This leaves me and Reily with A LOT of quality time. We'll branch out. We're on the verge of making friends. But, until our social lives are full tilt, it's just us.

This results in desperation on both sides. Reily is constantly trying to entice me to play with her. I am trying to tempt her to have some alone time. This is how far it went on Friday... blocks, dress-up, ballet and a monkey on her back.

Poor girls, let's hope we come through this dry spell unscathed.

Just Peachy!

Wow...a photo documentary of why I can run a million miles (which I don't) and still look the way I do. My blog is harsh reality.

So, here we are making more food. This time it's PEACH PIE. It was absolutely delicious. I'll admit, some of that is due to the fact that most of the kids do not fully appreciate PEACH PIE; therefore, leaving much more for us. We're good parents.

This is "Mommy's Little Helpah". She started with the crust and said, "Wait! I have to get my hat!" She ran upstairs in a panic and came down with this...Looove her!!