Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Taylor tried out for the District Elementary choir. It is comprised of 100 or so 4th and 5th grade virtuosos. They've performed around the South, at Governor's functions, even at Disneyworld.
Well, on Saturday she sang her sweet little vibrato until glasses shattered; and yesterday, we got the good news...SHE MADE IT!!

Woo Hoo! Go Taylor!
It hasn't gone to her head one bit!


erin said...

yea TAYLOR!!!! I would like her to remember to thank her Auntie Erin at the Grammy's in 2018. Don't forget the little people, Taylor!

RickW said...

Way to go, Taylor! I'm not at all surprised. I think she knew every song in the primary songbook ... even the ones the teachers didn't know. ;) What a great experience!

Patricia said...

American Idol - here we come! Don't forget to take your Grandma. We'll visit Sprinkles and Beverly Hills and the Kodak Theater and Disneyland and the beach and all the places I like to go. Make me proud! - Gma Hall