Monday, May 19, 2008

He's a poet...and didn't even know it!!

Payton just finished a poetry unit in his Language Arts class. The assignment was to write one of each type of poem. Payton wrote 84 haikus...just for funsies!! What a goof. I had to publish my favorites. I've never read so much 4th grade angst for school, girls, and sisters.

School is really mean
it makes me very, very green
sometimes I throw up

Summer isn't as easy as
it looks, sometimes your popsicle
melts, your pool evaporates.

We're screaming loudly
so loud, it makes an earthquake
that's why we're yelling

Okay, a couple more

evil, bad
yelling, wrecking, ripping
are really really bad

complicated, athletic, hyper, skillful
lover of legos, video games, and recess
who feels active, sweaty (after recess), and funny
who needs legos, beef, and attention
who fears girls, women and ladies
who gives laughs, gifts and bad hairstyles
who would like to see more legos, Legoland, Denmark and a basketball game

He makes me laugh! What a great kid!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Wow!! What was I thinking?!

Taylor coerced me into allowing a slumber party for her 9th birthday. We had a small gathering of 4 they call them a "gaggle" at that point? It seems to be an appropriate term. They ate pizza and soda. They had pillow fights and watched movies. We had a brief intermission to clean up the popcorn fight.
But, by midnight, they were settled in their bags for what I thought was a peaceful nights sleep...huh? At that point, Taylor broke out the Runts, Lemonheads and Swedish fish. It was all downhill from there. By 2:30 they had worn themselves out to a giggly stupor and eventually crashed. (Angels sing here)

One of her friends decorated the birthday envelope with priceless 9 year old curly ques and acronyms. (H.B. T.B.G) OHHH to be 9!! How fun was that? Do you remember? It made me teary. How fun to have friends, and sugar, and a stay up late; to giggle, play jokes, and stuff candy up your nose until the citric acid makes your eyes watery.

I'd go back to 9 or 10. 11 is pushing it. 12, 13, 14...a black abyss that shall neither be remembered or revisited.

HB TBG!! Thanks for the memories! : )


Friday, May 9, 2008


I'm pretty sure you have one and don't even know it!!

Reily was being my sweet little laundry "helpah". (She has a strong Northeastern accent, which we are not actively correcting.) Anyway, she was folding all of my kitchen towels and washcloths. She would iron them all flat with her hands and then carefully fold them into fourths. It is the sweetest thing.

So, as she was laundering, we had a conversation about everyone we knew that had "lawndwy helpahs" and a "washing-a-thing" (washing machine). Go ahead...say it real makes total sense!

I hope you all have a well working "washing-a-thing" and maybe even a "lawndwy helpah".


Told you so...

I warned you...I would not be good at this. I just want it perfect...or cute before I launch it to everyone. Give me some time.