Friday, May 9, 2008


I'm pretty sure you have one and don't even know it!!

Reily was being my sweet little laundry "helpah". (She has a strong Northeastern accent, which we are not actively correcting.) Anyway, she was folding all of my kitchen towels and washcloths. She would iron them all flat with her hands and then carefully fold them into fourths. It is the sweetest thing.

So, as she was laundering, we had a conversation about everyone we knew that had "lawndwy helpahs" and a "washing-a-thing" (washing machine). Go ahead...say it real makes total sense!

I hope you all have a well working "washing-a-thing" and maybe even a "lawndwy helpah".



Mom said...

Love the music. Love the story. I've always said you were a writer. You seem good, and ready for your next adventure. How fortunate you have been to have experienced so much in your short life and to finally have the security you (and Blaine) have worked so long and hard for. Love you forever, mom

erin said...

what a stinkin' cute story! i love that girl, and all your little ones. Can't wait to live close, so i can have my own stories with your kids.