Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Learning Loss

So, they say that during the summer, children one month (or more) worth of learning instruction.

I know my brain has melted in the short 3 weeks we've been on summer vacay.

But, I have a new USB cord for the cam, and my hub is home from his research stint in the Northeast...I'm ready to start blogging again.

There's something about having ALL the pieces together that make it possible for me to get things done. I may be speaking too soon. I'm just feeling overly confident today...I vacuumed the stairs and mopped the floors. My house smells like pine-sol and looks pretty good (downstairs). Now, what to do when the gaggle wakes up?

Points for you...and you...and you...

That's it! I know it's all a part of my strange, people-pleasing psyche...but I always feel like I'm not being properly validated.

When I said my husband was going to be gone for 4 weeks and he came home at 3 1/2, someone clarified..."but, it wasn't actually 4 weeks". So, I don't get points?!

Another mother stopped to talk with me because she notice I was a mother of 4. She asked the ages of my little darlings. I said, "11, 10, 6, and 3". She replied, "Oh. There's a lot of space between them. Mine are 1, 3, 5, and 7". I guess she gets more points?!

I don't know what the rules of the point system actually are.

But, I'm here to hand out points, gold stars, and validation to you...and you...

to you...for not having kids

to you...for having dogs

to you...for having as many kids as you can mentally handle

to you...for having more kids than you can handle

to you...for not going crazy

to you...for going crazy

to you...for exercising

to you...for indulging your sweet tooth

to you...for your BA, BS, MA, MS, and PhD

to you...for finishing high school

to you...for following your dreams

to you...for living a real life

I know I've missed someone. Points to you for being forgotten : )

Monday, June 8, 2009

First day of Summer...

(Inspired by Traci)

  • worked out
  • Swim lessons for T
  • Swim lessons for M
  • Swim lessons for P
  • made rolls
  • tried to take them to a church function
  • got lost
  • drove around Columbia, SC for 1 1/2hours
  • got rear-ended
  • didn't get police report
  • called insurance (should've got a police report!)
  • waited and waited for some good Kharma
  • ate watermelon
  • ate scones with honey butter
  • went swimming 'til dark
  • caught fireflies
  • made rules for summer
  1. NO complaining!
  2. Do what Mom asks...the first time!
  3. Wait patiently to speak (no interrupting)
  4. Stomp your feet before coming inside

Quite the day. I didn't win any awards. But, tomorrow is another day...Hallelujah!!