Monday, June 8, 2009

First day of Summer...

(Inspired by Traci)

  • worked out
  • Swim lessons for T
  • Swim lessons for M
  • Swim lessons for P
  • made rolls
  • tried to take them to a church function
  • got lost
  • drove around Columbia, SC for 1 1/2hours
  • got rear-ended
  • didn't get police report
  • called insurance (should've got a police report!)
  • waited and waited for some good Kharma
  • ate watermelon
  • ate scones with honey butter
  • went swimming 'til dark
  • caught fireflies
  • made rules for summer
  1. NO complaining!
  2. Do what Mom asks...the first time!
  3. Wait patiently to speak (no interrupting)
  4. Stomp your feet before coming inside

Quite the day. I didn't win any awards. But, tomorrow is another day...Hallelujah!!


erin 'n phil said...

you win #1 summer mom!! is that an award? you forgot to mention you did it all by yourself. that's quite the accomplishment.

Mike and Ariane said...

So we are bummed the whole family isn't coming up! But we'll take Blaine! He helps make the ward seem bigger than it is!

Cami said...

I'm impressed. Stil waiting for our first day of summer. Thursday here we come.

traci said...

My goodness there were many events in your first day and I am so sorry about the sad ones. You are not supposed to get rearended when you are trying to get to a church function. That doesn't go together. You deserve good kharma and scones with honey butter. (and....good bagels, and sprinkle sprangle cereal and fruit jets, to name a few!)

KayKayBe said...

Sorry to hear about the accident. Glad you are all okay. Swimming tomorrow? YMCA splash pad? -Kelly

Becky said...

Hey Monica! It's Becky from below you at Wymount here dropping in to say hi! Your family is adorable and I'm so glad you said hi on my blog a while back.

Scones with honey butter will get you through a lot of tough times :)