Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Points for you...and you...and you...

That's it! I know it's all a part of my strange, people-pleasing psyche...but I always feel like I'm not being properly validated.

When I said my husband was going to be gone for 4 weeks and he came home at 3 1/2, someone clarified..."but, it wasn't actually 4 weeks". So, I don't get points?!

Another mother stopped to talk with me because she notice I was a mother of 4. She asked the ages of my little darlings. I said, "11, 10, 6, and 3". She replied, "Oh. There's a lot of space between them. Mine are 1, 3, 5, and 7". I guess she gets more points?!

I don't know what the rules of the point system actually are.

But, I'm here to hand out points, gold stars, and validation to you...and you...

to you...for not having kids

to you...for having dogs

to you...for having as many kids as you can mentally handle

to you...for having more kids than you can handle

to you...for not going crazy

to you...for going crazy

to you...for exercising

to you...for indulging your sweet tooth

to you...for your BA, BS, MA, MS, and PhD

to you...for finishing high school

to you...for following your dreams

to you...for living a real life

I know I've missed someone. Points to you for being forgotten : )


KayKayBe said...

How many points do I get for not asking you to workout with me? And I have four kids, ages 8,6,4,2. And I'm on fertility drugs, because I want to have triplets, just to prove I can handle it.
You neglected to mention homeschooling and natural childbirth. I'm considering both- any points there?

Monica said...

Ok...points for natural and points for epidurals.
No points for multiples...nope. I think we've learned multiples only bring divorce (Thanks Jon & Kate).
Will you actually be homeschooling during a natural birth of triplets at home? I'll give you 2 points for that!!

Danielle said...

What a great post. I got to your blog from Jess Sargent's. We moved into Somersworth shortly before you moved out.

I agree that we all try to "one-up" each other too much! And thanks for the gold star!

ALYN said...

Thanks, I needed that! : )

Angie said...

oh monica we love you... you always tell it like it is, no b.s.! hmmm where does that little trait come form?:D

erin 'n phil said...

LOVE this post. dead on, so you, and hilarious! LOVE YOU! You've always gotten gold stars in my book. I'll have to show you the book some day. :)

Mom said...

You never give yourself enough credit. It's OK to pat YOURSELF on the back once in awhile. Frankly, I don't know how you do it but I do know you're stronger than you think. Keep on keepin on!

Melanie Sharp said...

You. Are. Awesome. Points for being awesome. Does giving people points earn you points? Just wondering.
I love popping in on this blog every once in a while. Just makes me smile. (Any chance I can get some points for sentence fragments?)