Thursday, January 29, 2009

How many Griffens does it take to get an arrow out of a tree?

  1. One boy scout to aim the arrow UP instead of out.
  2. One dad.
  3. One mom to take pictures.
It also takes:
  • Another arrow.
  • A big stick.
  • A rake.
  • A big pink bouncy ball.

and finally...

  • a ladder
  • a football... and
  • good aim.

Beauty the Beast!

I don't know. Is there any question what I do all day?

Little Miss Reily infiltrated my makeup...years and years of Clinique Bonus Week samples. She not only did herself up, she kindly broke all of the lipsticks in half.

The blue really does make her eyes pop...don't ya think?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Yo Yo Ma

A couple of weeks ago, Payton performed for us (and MANY others) at his viola concert. I must admit, we were a little nervous... could our ears actually take the abuse? Would we have to miss "The Bachelor"?

The concert was amazing. Especially considering they were all 5th graders. Payton was reluctant and willing to stay home. But, it was good for all of us... a little culture.

(This video is quite lengthy. Likely only to be viewed in it's entirety by Grandmas and Aunties.)

I thought this was a nice little video of Payton playing his viola. But, I'm not sure he actually is!! It's debatable. Then I noticed his extreme grumpiness. But, upon perusing the crowd, there aren't a lot of grinners out there.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Older Dog...Newer Trick...

Look what I did!!!

I designed it! It's my first pro-job!

(Just had to gloat a bit)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Old Dog...New Trick!

Look what we taught Boomer!!

Now if we can just get our kids to do what we say...

A little bit country...a little bit rockin' roll

A little bit prom...a little bit rodeo?

This ones for you Auntie Erin!!

The Midas Touch!

So far this week, (1) my computer crashed and took my portfolio and anything else important with it, (2) our microwave "arc'd out" and is "beyond economical repair", and (3) my camera will not upload onto my newly restored's always something.

But (1) Thank heavens for Norton 360. I cursed it at first. But, ended up finding almost everything that had disappeared. (2) Thank heavens for a home warranty that is supposed to replace my micro for only $65 deductible. (We'll see about that) and (3) Well, I haven't found a solution beside Blaine emailing me pictures after he uploads them onto his computer...always blessings.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It was the job chart that did them all in..

I'm flashing back to A Christmas Story when Ralphy declares, "It was thoap poisoning!!" after going blind from years of parental discipline.

Well, with the new year, we started a new job chart. It will likely be the death of our children. After all, they EACH have 3 whole jobs to do during the week!

This was Taylor's response:

I think its a "junk angel". Possibly just expressing her need for a snow day? Whatever!! This was her after an hour cleaning up the sunroom. Note: nothing had been cleaned up, yet.

Reily loves having her responsibilities. This week she will beat up any one who tries to take care of the dog. Macy tried to get out of folding laundry because it involved looking at other peoples unders and she didn't think that was appropriate. Points for trying. Payton complained at first. But, in the end has been the best job-doer of them all.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Closing the door on 2008...Griffen style!

We celebrated the New Year with a late night of Monopoly and fizzy grape juice. At 12:00 we went outside to blow horns and watch fireworks. Blaine pulled the door shut, just as I asked, "Is that unlocked?" Well, we are the Griffens. OF COURSE, it's locked!!

Macy and Reily were inside asleep. It was getting a tad bit chilly. But, I have a spare key in the car and luckily for everyone, I am irresponsible and leave the door unlocked. Unluckily for everyone, Daddy was the last one to drive the car; and he is responsible.

After, 2 1/2 hours, 2 neighbors, and a "slim-jim", we were able to break into our car and get the key.

Needless to say, we are grateful for kind neighbors and their warm house, a safe and secure house, and a fairly safe car...

Happy new year!!


We had a good Christmas this year...nobody got what they asked for. Santa does not bring Legos to Legomongers nor expensive ipods to 9 year olds. He also does not handle list changes within the 7 days prior to Christmas. These kids never had a chance. And, besides that, they were pretty lucky to be on the "Nice" list at all!!

Santa always wraps the doorway into the living room. In our new house, that meant the top of the stairs. I am so grateful he does this. It keeps the kids at bay until we can get to the tree and turn on the lights...and get the camera ready. Well, they all came charging down the stairs right through the paper. All except Reily. She stayed at the top of the stairs thinking Santa was still here. She is NOT his biggest fan. The big guy really gives her the creeps. Once we assured her he was gone, she inched her way down.

It was a good Christmas. Payton got science stuff. Macy got Puppies, Ponies and Kitties in her pockets. Reily got an easel. And Taylor got a cruddy "Zen" version of an ipod... I have worked on it for a week, downloaded every possible piece of freeware and cannot get a single video to play. ARRRGH! She should've asked for a real ipod ; ) Maybe next year. The zen is going back.
We finished the morning's unwrappings with homemade cinnamon rolls and orange juice. Yum!
Let's toys, minimal sleep, and sugar...all downhill from there!

Poor Gingy..

Four kids, candy, frosting and bit of spittle keeps it all together. I must admit, one of the better days of Christmas is when I throw the thing out. It is a fun project for the kids. But, (a) I NEVER get to do my own and bask in it's sugary perfection and (b) there are just too many licked fingers involved.

Is it any wonder we spent Christmas break battling the flu and a lingering cold?

Crafty Express...

The Crafty Express has finally left! It wouldn't have been so bad had it not been for the long delay at Procrastination Station. It was definitely my craftiest Christmas ever!!

I made these for the kids' teachers. I'm a little bit banner crazy right now. I'll make one for any occasion. Hmmm....maybe I should start next years Christmas presents and then I will get my cards out on time...

That's just too crazy to work.

First Things First...

or last as they will appear on this blog.

Go here:

Now, I would hate to think that I have anything out for the postal service. But, they DID ruin my very special card to Angie. So, I would like to say I'm blogging my Christmas card as a USPS protest. But, mostly, it's just the way I'm rollin' this year.

Merry (belated) Christmas and a Happy (belated) New Year!

You know what I hate...

People who don't blog forever. You stalk and stalk their blog, just waiting... Maybe something wicked cool has been happening in their life and when they DO blog, it will be AMAZING!

Sorry, I'm just sort of a blog binger. So, here you go...the 2008 Griffen wrap-up!!