Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Yo Yo Ma

A couple of weeks ago, Payton performed for us (and MANY others) at his viola concert. I must admit, we were a little nervous... could our ears actually take the abuse? Would we have to miss "The Bachelor"?

The concert was amazing. Especially considering they were all 5th graders. Payton was reluctant and willing to stay home. But, it was good for all of us... a little culture.

(This video is quite lengthy. Likely only to be viewed in it's entirety by Grandmas and Aunties.)

I thought this was a nice little video of Payton playing his viola. But, I'm not sure he actually is!! It's debatable. Then I noticed his extreme grumpiness. But, upon perusing the crowd, there aren't a lot of grinners out there.


Cami said...

How long has he been playing? Hunter's been playing the violin for 3 years and Gretchen is starting her first. It sounds like the are playing out of the same book. Their concert is in a week. Isn't it so fun to see how good they realy sound. Rosanne Smith is one of the strings teachers for our group.

erin said...

sounds so good. is he really playing though?? his "wand" seems to be moving faster than others. hahaha. and tell that kiddo to smile. :) I'm excited to hear him play.

Angie said...

great job payton! will you play for us when we visit??? (i do already know the answer to this!)