Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It was the job chart that did them all in..

I'm flashing back to A Christmas Story when Ralphy declares, "It was thoap poisoning!!" after going blind from years of parental discipline.

Well, with the new year, we started a new job chart. It will likely be the death of our children. After all, they EACH have 3 whole jobs to do during the week!

This was Taylor's response:

I think its a "junk angel". Possibly just expressing her need for a snow day? Whatever!! This was her after an hour cleaning up the sunroom. Note: nothing had been cleaned up, yet.

Reily loves having her responsibilities. This week she will beat up any one who tries to take care of the dog. Macy tried to get out of folding laundry because it involved looking at other peoples unders and she didn't think that was appropriate. Points for trying. Payton complained at first. But, in the end has been the best job-doer of them all.


Mike and Ariane said...

There are 3 jobs for each waiting at my house. If they don't do a faboo job at home, they have to come do mine, too!

traci said...

Seriously, laughing at loud at that junk angel. My kids can barely get themselves dressed sometimes without throwing a fit. I need this job chart even though there will be repercussions from the little ones. Let me know how long it lasts!

Angie said...

chores??? what an interesting concept... spencer would melt away if her little hands had to work!8)
unless of course it is for one of the neighbors, THEN she is all about helping.

erin said...

HAHAHAHA!! Your job chart is the cutest one I have ever seen. Love it. And I love the tantrum. She is so Miss Drama.

Mom said...

You're doing a good job, mom.

Sargent Family said...

Love the job chart, I may steal it someday when I have kids old enough to do chores that aren't "poop in diaper" and "drink a bottle".
by the way...this is jessica from somersworth if you couldn't figure it out! i'm adding you to my feed, glad to see you are surviving the deep south!