Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stuff Martha will never teach you...

Slippery table cloths?

Smear a good blob of jam (preferrably apricot) on your table, allow to dry to a tack, place new table cloth on table and set as usual.

Crumb ridden floors?

A dog will do. Let him loose in the, usually forbidden, dining room. Floors will be crumb free and salivatically spot mopped.

Stains on carpet? (i.e. Triaminic flu medicine, bubble gum in flavor, BRIGHT RED in color)

If clorox clean-up doesn't get it out, just leave it...along with a larger, slightly bleached, spot. Rearrange furniture.

Tornado warning and a norovirus famdemic*...at the same time?

Pray it doesn't take off the roof. Because all you want to do is stay in that lovely bed...the one that you gave up your child's dance lessons for? ...yep, that one.

*Thanks Kelly Bryson. Not for the bug, the term. Love it*

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to start your day...Griffen style.

Are you guys watching for the bus or playing with the puppy?
Kids play with puppy.
Is that the bus?!?!?
Kids mosey to the door
Kids frantically run out the door.
Kid runs back for umbrella.
Other kid runs back for lunch and back pack.
Puppy runs out the door.
Mom runs out the door, no shoes.
It's wet. It's rainy.
Paper lunch sack breaks in the middle of the cul-de-sac...the wet, rainy cul-de-sac.
Kid yells from bus steps...she forgot her backpack.
Bus driver waits.
Mom runs inside, no contacts, searching for a backpack in the dark.
No findy.
Bus driver waits.
Mom grabs un-cool unicorn lunch box to re-pack lunch in the road.
Still barefoot. Wet gravel hurts cold toes.
Bus driver waits.
Mom runs lunch onto bus. She'll bring the backpack to the school.
All that before 7:00am!

Little had her friend over for a play date.
She threw up right after her friend left.

Blessings counted:
Good man for a bus driver.

This day will come to an end.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I've given "all y'all" your well deserved gold stars. But this video is wonderful!!
I'll admit, I'm smiling...and a bit teary. I have a bit of my mother in me : )


Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is 12!

Yep, 12!!

Payton celebrated his BIG day on


with a wii partay.

What do you do at a boy party? Ummm....anything and everything. For the most part, the hit of the party was "Super Mario Smash Bros. Brawl" (I think I got that right). They just played and goofed...yep, "goofed". His friends are so very similar to him. I didn't know so many peas could come from that pod. But, I am grateful. They were all great guests and good friend. What more could you want for your kid?

This video SCREAMS 12!! Well, the "harnessing the powers of the universe" is definitely 12...or Napoleon Dynamite.

After the pizza, they played ninja, nerf guns, and football. Boys.

12 is a big birthday. He's finally a deacon; and so excited. He had his first trip to the temple last week. So many new and wonderful experiences. I've tried to get a picture of him in his white shirt and tie...looking all deacon-ish; but those church clothes do not stay on long enough. Maybe someday.

Happy Birthday P-dawg!!