Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to start your day...Griffen style.

Are you guys watching for the bus or playing with the puppy?
Kids play with puppy.
Is that the bus?!?!?
Kids mosey to the door
Kids frantically run out the door.
Kid runs back for umbrella.
Other kid runs back for lunch and back pack.
Puppy runs out the door.
Mom runs out the door, no shoes.
It's wet. It's rainy.
Paper lunch sack breaks in the middle of the cul-de-sac...the wet, rainy cul-de-sac.
Kid yells from bus steps...she forgot her backpack.
Bus driver waits.
Mom runs inside, no contacts, searching for a backpack in the dark.
No findy.
Bus driver waits.
Mom grabs un-cool unicorn lunch box to re-pack lunch in the road.
Still barefoot. Wet gravel hurts cold toes.
Bus driver waits.
Mom runs lunch onto bus. She'll bring the backpack to the school.
All that before 7:00am!

Little had her friend over for a play date.
She threw up right after her friend left.

Blessings counted:
Good man for a bus driver.

This day will come to an end.


Kelly Bryson said...

Your post lunch activity was a lot like our post midnight activity- cleaning up the youngest's barf. I went into their room to take Eli potty, and there was this odd sour smell. Dang it.

Mom said...

Believe or not, the day will come when you wish you could pack a lunch or see a kid off to school or even not mind cleaning up a little throat debris. You are a great mom. I could have learned a few lessons from you.

erin 'n phil said...

What a morning! You're a tropper. Hope today is a better day.

Mom's right, you're a good mommy.

Wendie said...

I find that hard to believe Mo- Thats for the sweet words but mental they have drained me plenty. I miss you too.

By the way morning the Griffens way sounds VERY familiar!

WhitneyB99 said...
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