Saturday, January 3, 2009


We had a good Christmas this year...nobody got what they asked for. Santa does not bring Legos to Legomongers nor expensive ipods to 9 year olds. He also does not handle list changes within the 7 days prior to Christmas. These kids never had a chance. And, besides that, they were pretty lucky to be on the "Nice" list at all!!

Santa always wraps the doorway into the living room. In our new house, that meant the top of the stairs. I am so grateful he does this. It keeps the kids at bay until we can get to the tree and turn on the lights...and get the camera ready. Well, they all came charging down the stairs right through the paper. All except Reily. She stayed at the top of the stairs thinking Santa was still here. She is NOT his biggest fan. The big guy really gives her the creeps. Once we assured her he was gone, she inched her way down.

It was a good Christmas. Payton got science stuff. Macy got Puppies, Ponies and Kitties in her pockets. Reily got an easel. And Taylor got a cruddy "Zen" version of an ipod... I have worked on it for a week, downloaded every possible piece of freeware and cannot get a single video to play. ARRRGH! She should've asked for a real ipod ; ) Maybe next year. The zen is going back.
We finished the morning's unwrappings with homemade cinnamon rolls and orange juice. Yum!
Let's toys, minimal sleep, and sugar...all downhill from there!


erin said...

oh poor Reily. That is so cute! Stupid "Zen". I'm with Taylor. Time for a REAL iPod Santa.

ALYN said...

Funny! Great account of Christmas morning, and I'm sorry you were stuck outside in the middle of the night. I hide a house key in the garage because I've locked myself out a few too many times.

When I was expecting Lia, I lowered 2 year old Madi into the basement, onto the washing machine, and she scampered upstairs to unlock the door for me. There was no way big pregnant me was slithering through a tiny basement window!