Monday, May 19, 2008

He's a poet...and didn't even know it!!

Payton just finished a poetry unit in his Language Arts class. The assignment was to write one of each type of poem. Payton wrote 84 haikus...just for funsies!! What a goof. I had to publish my favorites. I've never read so much 4th grade angst for school, girls, and sisters.

School is really mean
it makes me very, very green
sometimes I throw up

Summer isn't as easy as
it looks, sometimes your popsicle
melts, your pool evaporates.

We're screaming loudly
so loud, it makes an earthquake
that's why we're yelling

Okay, a couple more

evil, bad
yelling, wrecking, ripping
are really really bad

complicated, athletic, hyper, skillful
lover of legos, video games, and recess
who feels active, sweaty (after recess), and funny
who needs legos, beef, and attention
who fears girls, women and ladies
who gives laughs, gifts and bad hairstyles
who would like to see more legos, Legoland, Denmark and a basketball game

He makes me laugh! What a great kid!


erin said...

those are AWESOME!! I'm so proud. He's quite the creative writer.

Traci said...

He is talented. Let me just tell you I only started a blog because everyone around me already had one and my friend set it up for me and just told me she was going to fill everything in (all the posts) if I didn't! And, I just got my first cell phone last Fall. So, we're only steps ahead and only because of peer pressure. Love the colors!