Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Save the drama for your Mama....Pleeeeease?!

It appeared as though our pediatrician in Georgia FORGOT one of Macy's vaccinations for Kindergarten. So, Macy had to get one more shot before she could continue.
HOLY MOLY! You would've thought it was a anesthesia-free amputation! She was over-the-top. The nurse was afraid to "shoot" her because her arms were so tight around my neck, she risked making my cheek "Polio-free".
Finally, she stuck her; and in a few seconds time, we were on our way. She was anxious to get back for recess. I'm sure she had quite the war story to tell her buddies. As, I drove away from the school, I could see her sprinting around the playground...flailing her arms. Poor baby!

I'm sure there's a scar there somewhere.


erin said...

I love my drama queen! She makes life more exciting doesn't she? :)

traci said...

That happened to Boston too and they didn't realized it until like October. He was freaked out and it was terrible making a 6 year old get a shot he should have had 2years before. I am glad to see that the both of you made it through.