Monday, March 30, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

How fun is Kindergarten? I don't think I had nearly this much fun. Although, I did love Ms. Patti Zimmerman, her early 80's permy-poof hair, and her corduroy pants that made a great noise when she walked. Those were the days. But, I digress...

Macy and her fellow Kindy-garten pals took part in the Kindergarten Circus 2 weeks ago.

Macy was a trained circus dog. She, along with her other canine buddies, rolled over, slid down a slide, and even begged for Scooby snacks.

Too cute!
Of course, I loved the dogs. But the popcorn vendors and clowns were also top notch!
I can't wait for the DVD...seriously.


erin 'n phil said...

I can't wait for the DVD either. I'm sad I missed it. She looks sooooooooo cute!!

Angie said...

what a darling little puppy!

Mom said...

She's SO photogenic. You can't miss with her in the camera lens.