Sunday, March 22, 2009

Singing for her Sister

Macy got shampoo in her eyes a couple of nights ago. Being focused on Hollywood and her future career, the dramatics were AMAZING! She was pretty convinced she would be blind by morning, if she had eyes at all.

Reily composed and performed this song as she went to bed.

Macy's eyes will feel better when it's wake-up time.

And she needs ice cream.

Macy's eyesight was fully restored by morning.


Cindi said...

Must have been the ice cream!!! It can pretty much cure everything...especially chocolate!!! I visited your blog through Jess's, and really enjoyed your little girl's talented performance!

erin 'n phil said...

hahahahaha. you have 3 DIVAS on your hands I'm afraid. Taylor can be on tv and in movies. Macy can be on Broadway. And Reily can be a singer. Done.

ALYN said...

So Cute!

Angie said...

love her!