Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No Ken for you!!!

Now, I am well aware of the special place Zac Efron holds in the hearts of Macy and Reily; and that Joe Jonas has claimed a large part of Taylors. But, I never expected this:

Scene: Target. Time to spend allowance.

Mom: Mace, look at this Ken doll. He's not creepy like the one you have. You could get a new Ken doll with your allowance.

Macy: Let me see.

[Mom shows Macy the doll]

Macy: Mmmmm....I could kiss that!

[Mom freaks out. Proceeds to look up boarding schools and convents when she arrives home. She also contemplates building a tall tower to lock Macy in until her 20's]


Becky said...

So funny! Ansley always tells me she can't wait to grow up and get married!

Cami said...

That is hilarious. Gretchen never went through that. Let's hope she never does.

erin & phil said...

love this story. classic macy.

Angie said...

this is my very favorite story ... i LOVE it! i tell it whenever i talk about Macy. love that girl...can't wait to see all of you! less than 1 month... let the countdown begin!!!