Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reily's Prom Date

I know she's picked out the dress already (thank you High School Musical).
So, I picked her date.

This is Reily's good friend Eli. He so sweet and mild mannered. They spend a couple of days together each week and are best friends.

Entwined arms...they start young.

St. Patrick's Day

My favorite:

Eli brushing her hair out of her face. I think he's been watching "Sleepless in Seattle".


erin 'n phil said...

he's so cute! i approve! my favorite is the inter-twining of arms.

Mom said...

They kind of look alike. Fun stuff

KayKayBe said...

that is the cutest kid I've ever seen!I want to take him home with me! Oh wait- he is home with me...laying on the couch with a fever. I guess your caution with Reily's potential germs was a waste. Sigh.