Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day - SC Style

The school district sent out the message Sunday night that school would be cancelled due to inclement weather...without a flake of snow...really?! Those flakes never arrived.

With the whole day off and the expectation of something cold and slushy...Mom had to come throught where Mother Nature failed...SONIC!!

Yum! Limeades and Slushes. That was as cold as it got. (I checked my mail in my bare feet!)

So, I'm sending a South Carolina Snow Day to all of my Nor'Easter friends as they dig out of our share of this storm.


Becky said...

How funny is that. Oh how I wish we would have a snow day. There was one day I was really scared my kids would not get home, the snow was so bad. But you know Utah, school no matter what.

Phillip said...

you're the coolest mom I know. That is pretty sweet. Um, where's my cherry limeade?

Mike and Ariane said...

I love Sonic! I wish I was a kid in your home! Lucky!

Monica said...

I must admit I totally thought of you and Mike's Sonic photo when I took the one of Payton. My kids have actually learned the term "Happy Hour" from Sonic.

Cami said...

Love those snow days even better when there is no snow.

Mom said...

We had our own sonic blast today. I had to scrape snow off the car windows after work so I could drive home. I miss the sun!