Friday, June 20, 2008

Geoj and Reily

I love to listen to Reily...and she gives me plenty of opportunities. Maybe it's because I know that this adorable, squeaky, 2.75 year old voice is fleeting. She has such a sweet pronunciation of everything. She also has a strong Northeastern accent, which we have been slow to correct. But this clip takes the cake.

She also likes "Fthluff" sandwhiches and wears "Fthlip-Fthlops" on her feet.


erin said...

hahahaha - oh i miss you guys! love her. love em all.

Melanie Sharp said...

That is classic. She's darling! Thanks so much for sharing...your blog pretty much rocks. You're a fabulous writer and have a way of saying short, sweet and right on target. I love it!