Friday, June 20, 2008


Wow this has been a summer of milestones!!

Last week Macy decided it was time to learn to ride her 2-wheeler. She got on and with one push - she was off. She was cruisin'!

Go Macy!


Mom said...

I just love your blog and the music is smashing! I love that you are so busy being a mom and than you're enjoying it and realize what a blessing it is - and, yes, it is "fleeting" - give my love to them all!

erin said...

yea Macy Bay!! I'm so proud of her.

Traci said...

Yeah Macy. It took until Trevor was 8 and Boston 5 before they were riding. They didn't get bikes until then and we had to hurry before they were like 20 year old and not riding bikes. It felt so good when it finally happened. I love hearing your voice!