Thursday, June 19, 2008

My other little poet

Macy wrote these a few weeks ago. She was truly something. I wrote while she dictated. I love it!!

"The Dark Jungle Sea"
As the sea across the jungle night
I sit on my porch
and I watch the birds
They will come to me as I hold my one finger
As I love
my heart
It will do the morning light.

"Morning Work"
As do I the morning work in the morning light
And I do the time as I love
That I like.

"The Birds"
That I like the birds
My mom will tell me that the birds like
only birdseed to eat
The birds like me when I hold my one finger out
Then the birds will come to me.

Beautiful words from a lovely little 5 year old. I'm sure a poet laureate (or child psychologist) could make sense of it all.

Mmmmm....I could eat her up.

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