Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blog Inadequacies

All right all you over achievers! I've had it!! Y'all make lazy people look bad. I don't sew aprons, scrapbook, or kiss my dog. I'm lucky if my family has a warm meal, clean faces, and clothes on. You are all a bunch of AMAZING women. I'd better get myself in gear. Maybe after I finish off this bag of Cadbury mini eggs...

This is what keeps me busy all day. One mess after another. Naptime is a much welcomed respite for the entire household.


I was told when picking out a childs name, you should shout it (with gusto and parental fury) from the bottom of the stairs. Well, it started in utero and hasn't stopped.


erin said...

I love this girl! She's freakin hilarious! Can't wait to read all of your fun stories about your kids. Give them our love & lots of hugs.

We miss you guys!

RickW said...

Mmm, Cadbury mini eggs. Those sound really good right now. :0