Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hold your horses!!!

Well, we've landed.

Unfortunately, Time Warner failed to install the lifeblood into our home. We are leeching internet from the previous owners...it's to be disconnected today. So, August 5th is our BIG day when we get phone, cable, and internet....WOO HOO!

We had a safe and uneventful trip. The closing on the house went well. We are in and I think we love it. We are not settled or unpacked by any means. We will be sleeping in beds tonight; which is very exciting for all of us since we've been sleeping on the floor for almost 3 weeks!

We have a bird nest right outside our front window and Reily is mesmerized. She will not stop asking about them. She just stands in the big window and watches them. Too cute.

This is a picture of Reily riding "Lexi" a couple of weeks ago. She was not scared at all and practically fell asleep. She thought it was pretty cool. Maybe she's a future rodeo queen...

Well, Payton is unpacking my kitchen...hmm...I'd better get to work.


traci said...

So glad you are in your new place. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Is it 34 for you? I have been that age for awhile now and it's not so bad so I am sure you will enjoy it. I hope it's a great one for you today!

erin said...

I wanna see pix of the house!!