Monday, May 25, 2009

A decade?! Seriously?!

So, Taylor had a totally ROCKIN' 10th birthday. She definitely had a cool cake. (I managed to digitally archive before the cord went kaput). I think my best one. Although, the Little Einsteins for Reils' bday were pretty sweet. (I'll have to check the archives for that one, too.) Enough about my fabulous, sugary talents. Ace of Cakes, I am not. But, I would like to think I'm big stuff sometimes.
Anyway, she got a digi-cam, butterflies, and JONAS BROS. tickets. (From me and Dad, because...WE ROCK!) We are taking Aunty Erin with us. It will be a fun, fun girls night. I (we?) can't wait!!

So, she's a whole decade old. Crazy! She is such a bright, beautiful and spirited girl. We are lucky to have her.

Happy Birthday Tayter Bug!!


erin 'n phil said...

I can't wait!!

traci said...

Your cakes decorating does rock. You do have sugary talents. I am thinking of those awesome sugar cookies (with the special buttermilk) right now. Yum!