Monday, October 12, 2009

Too many Hannahs

Thanks Disney Channel. This is what you've turned my house into.
This was all a part of Reily's big 4th birthday celebration.

You may need to turn down the volume on this. That tinker toy mic is pretty powerful.
It is a little know, the camera work and stuff...yep, that's it...the camera work.


erin 'n phil said...

I think Reily should be a rock star. Dead serious. She's got it. Amazing stage presence(sp?). One of the funniest parts is when Taylor shoved the guitar in Reily's face and Reily just pushes it away without missing a key. LOVE THEM! They should be THE GRIFFEN SISTERS.

P.S. I've already watched this video 3 times. :)

Wen said...

It must be awesome becuase my three girls came running in as soon as they heard the singing. You've got talented kids.

Mom said...

Love the microphone. I agree with Erin. They're quite the stars. She's growing so fast...