Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is 7!

This is 7.

I'm sad to see 6 go.
It's just one year closer to...BIG!
We wanted to bottle her up at 3.
Now, here she is 7?! How did that happen.

For Macy, 7 is:
  • a pink guitar
  • a Krispy Kreme cake
  • getting her ears pierced

A great day for a great girl!!

Love you, Macy!!


Mom said...

Whoa - pierced ears? They aren't gages are they cause I know somone near and dear who has (had) them. HAPPY BDAY - MACY.

Melanie Sharp said...

Oh. Monica....that girl is a gem. I loved every second of that video! I can't believe she was your baby when I met your family. I wish I was your neighbor and I could learn the magic of your superior motherly ways. You are fabulous.

Becky said...

Too Cute!

erin 'n phil said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA - she is so stinkin' funny! LOVE HER! Wish we could have been there for her bday. Happy Birthday Macy Bay.