Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dear Sarah,

You are such a good friend.

Remember when you invited all of us mommies and our 4 year olds to your house for an Easter Party? It was wonderful. We had a lot of fun.

Remember when we colored eggs? The kids loved the painty q-tips.

Remember when I found those eggs? No?

Well, I did.

In my car.

One month later.

Thank you for putting them in a ziploc bag!! You saved my upholstery.



Dear husband,

I'm sorry for all the times I called you crazy...above and below my breath. I know you weren't just smelling things.



Jeanne_2008 said...

lol--we found a plastic easter egg in a bush two days ago...filled with jelly beans...

erin 'n phil said...


traci said...

Why do you make me laugh so much? And, it's not just because I am reading this really late at night. You truly make me laugh. Can we be roommates again? Just for a bit so I can laugh again.

Mom said...

You gotta write a book - soon!