Monday, December 6, 2010


Reily is a fun girl. Since I last blogged, she turned 5!! (I know ...5?! It's crazy!)

She does a lot of talking,

a lot of cartwheeling,

a lot of handstands,

and a lot more talking.

All day.

Every day.

That's just about it.

Today she wanted to walk the track at the YMCA. Every lap she would stop at the electrical outlet and fill up with imaginary soda. The next outlet, she would serve herself some imaginary ice cream. We did 1/2 a mile...snacking the whole way. I may have found MY new motivation.

She currently has a little mark on her lip, a scuff of some sort. I asked her how she got it. She launched into a fairly elaborate story about our "Elf on a Shelf", Jingle, sneaking into her room at night and punching her in the face. Mythical beings creep her out. She insists we should send Jingle back to way. As for Santa? No likey. She's on the letter route. If he does come to visit (which is questionable with the naughtiness level in this house) he is not to stomp around in his loud boots, and he has to promise to stay downstairs. So many rules. Santa may just skip us.

One more:

Tonight before going to sleep, she asked, "How long is the night?" I replied, "About 11 hours for you.". Reily: "GRRRRR! I can't keep my mouth shut for THAT long!!"

That's for sure.

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