Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Now I would like to believe that a loving mother would not rejoice in the cosmic power of Kharma in relation to her darling little 5 year old; but, I did.

While I was warming a brownie remnant for Rei, she grabbed my Route 44 nectar of life. I kindly (with more sharpness than was likely necessary) told her to put the soda down.

[ Insert Onomatopoeia... (Yes, I spelled it correctly the first time.)A
ll 44 of those glorious ounces and equally glorious pebbles of ice ALL OVER the floor.


I wiped, mopped, swept, mopped my sticky love off the floor.


That's ok. Her brownie was cooking the entire time.


Smokily solidified to the bottom of the bowl. Kitchen smoking.


Don't mess.

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