Sunday, June 19, 2011


If'ns you add bacon to yer chocolate chip cookies...

(a) thinking you've watched enough food network to make it work, and
(b) thinking the Southerners will be giddy with excitement at the idea of a pork cookie and accept you into their fold would be wrong.

...BUT not on both counts!!

The cookies were actually delicious and I have acquired enough skills from "Chopped" to make it work.

The Southerners...meh...not so much. Now I'm just banished as a wierdo. Not so sure that's new for me.

Maybe pulled pork cupcakes?

(BTW - Not Crazy - see?)


Wendie said...

What is up with those southerns?

And I have watched my fair share of cupcake wars and all things food network, and you KNOW I love pigs...but somehow I can't get myself excited about savory in a sweet cookie. Good to know someone I respects liked it.

Mom said...

I love to watch Chopped but they put some pretty wierd ingredients together and the judges actually eat them! You little dare-devil

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