Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Home!

We're finally in!! Yipee! (I think) We've been moved in for a week and so far:

  • the dishwasher broke and

  • flooded the carpet AND wood floor

  • the washer leaks

  • cockroaches invaded

  • toilet is broken

I don't know. Homeownership may be for the birds! I could use a landlord right about now.
But, I think most of it is pretty minor, and under warranty, so we'll get it fixed.

It really is a nice home and good place to be. We're really going to like this place. Our neighbors have been great. Our ward is very nice. We're excited to be settling in a good place.


erin said...

I LOVE THAT HOUSE!! Its so cute!

ALYN said...

The house is so charming. You didn't mention how cute it is! I know, I shouldn't covet... Sorry for posting so many comments... I really like your background, and chalkboard drawing also... how'd ya do that?