Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Snipping those apron strings

A new car, a new home...it's all an end to many years of hard work on both of our parts. Blaine and I have been ships passing in the night for quite a few years. He would come home just in time for me to take off to work...waitressing.

I had to remind myself, many times, that it was all a choice. So, I could stay home with my little darlings during the day. It made ends meet; and it got us through. You do what you've got to do. It's built character and gave me a reprieve from those hard "mommy" days.

But, I've hung up my aprons...hopefully for good.

Waitressing is not for the weak in spirit. I've met so many fabulous people. I've seen "regulars" come and go. I've watched friends move on, for better or worse. They have all been a little family; and every single one has a story. To all my darling waitress friends, you mean more to me than you'll ever know.

So, if you eat out tonight, or sometime soon, give a little more to your sweet server. And, be careful, we believe in Kharma!!! (I know I've wished a flat tire on more than a few people!)


erin said...

hahahahaha....yea for you! cute aprons.

Mom said...
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Mom said...

You BOTH have worked so hard and this is so well deserved. However, I think your stint as a waitress taught you that there are always people worse off than you who struggle every day; hence, you've become even more compassionate and empathetic - and that's what it's all about! (Did I just do the Hokey-Pokey) I am so proud of you.

Kaybee said...

I LOVE this picture! SO meaningful. You are better woman than I!

Monica said...

This is from Mom G. She couldn't get it to post. So, I'm passing on her sweet words.

"If we did "Toasts" you two would certainly get a big one from this side of the family.....but since we don't celebrate that way ..... just know that words can't express how very proud we are of you. You have accomplished a LOT and we are grateful to have laughed and cried with you and for you. We are anxious to watch the future unfold for your family. Best of wishes in your new adventures. Wow how we
love you! Mom G."

traci said...

Yes, that apron can now be used in the kitchen at home. I bet it seemed like that phase of your life was permanent, but you both have graduated. You deserve a cheer - I will do a routine in my family room tonight to cheer you on! (My kids are used to these weird dance performances by me). I love your house - it looks like a KY house and congrats on your van. Oh, and I will always treat my server/waitress oh so nice!!