Wednesday, November 12, 2008

John & Kate = IRRITATE

Oy! I have been watching them for a long time. I have marvelled at their "normalcy".

But, I CANNOT watch them in Hawaii!! It may be the jealousy speaking as I sit in my furniture-less home, hashing over my family budget one more time, and still not finding any $$$ for a couch or a new mattress; let alone a trip to Hawaii. A trip to Target is stretching it right now. My skin is crawling! I'm so bugged.

How about "Blaine & Mo with Fo". We could be good candidates for "normal". We're not challenged in many ways (some may debate this). We could just be normal. After all, isn't the average American family...average? Maybe the media should stop focusing on the outliers and head for the middle.

Hmmm...Would that be interesting? I don't know. But, I'd take the paychecks, free stuff, and trips until we vaulted to the other side.

Just a thought...vent...whatever.

TLC: You can contact me through my blog. : )


Angie said...

you are your father's daughter...

erin said...

hahahahahaha - oh i love ya!

Mike and Ariane said...

I didn't know you had a blog. Thanks for lurking and commenting on our blog. Our ward is shrinking so you are always welcome back.
Too funny about Jon & Kate....all I could think was that Kate finally seemed to have a heart, she didn't hit Jon or correct him nearly as much in their interview, compared to what's normal. Wish I was on a beach in Hawaii (minus the 8 kids). Keep in touch!