Monday, November 24, 2008

She's Craftay...!

Every fall, I get a crafting/sewing bug. This is what I produced (Thanks to my crafting guru friend, Traci). I'm pretty proud. It seems to be a staple of every good Mormon wife's house. And, now that I have a mantle of my own, I feel like I needed it.

I am thankful I only did "Thanks" instead of the entire "Thanksgiving". It was just right...enough to knock out in one evening.

Happy Thanksgiving!


erin said...

very cute!

and my dog does NOT have beady eyes and claws...take it back!

Angie said...

cute... have a Happy Thanksgiving... wish we were there!

traci said...

I LOVE IT! I would have died having done Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday nearly killed me!!! I didn't make one for Thanksgiving though I had planned on it. Love yours and glad you got it done before all the family came.