Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear Motrin,

I hate you! You take away the fever, for which I am grateful.
But, in your cruel wake, you left me with a wide awake 3 year old. At 4:00 this morning, I traded my lethargic, feverish daughter for making cinnamon toast, getting juice boxes, bottles of water, and adjusting the volume to her perfect little ears while watching Noggin as she jumped from couch to couch. This is why I hate you.
You have potential to be loved as you will always be in my life. If only you could change.



Cami said...

Motrin has never had that affect on my kids. So sorry!

erin & phil said...

hahaha, i love your "dear john" to motrin. doesn't it feel so good to write letters to objects or people you don't know? i think so.

Becky said...

Ha Ha I hear you we are going through the same thing with Nate this week He wants to be up from 3 to 6 every night!

traci said...

Some things are only loved in the daytime!!!! You mean the two of you (you and the beautiful 3 year old) didn't bond in the middle of the night? I have issues with Benadryl - we are not the best of friends like others are!

Mike and Ariane said...

wow..up that early and making breakfast...just think of all the blessings you'll get...what a're such a good mom!