Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Day?!

A couple of weeks ago we got a RARE treat for South Carolinians...SNOW!
Woo Hoo!
They even declared a "Snow Day" and cancelled school. Really? Our friends in New England will appreciate're gonna want a snow day like this!

By Monday night, we were expecting it. I couldn't wait for Reily to see it in the morning. This is her first glimpse. She remembered snow from our trip to Utah in October. She also remembered that she LOVED it! She was so excited! (That's her "speechless, biting my lip" look)

Macy is only 2 years removed from New Hampshire. She also remembers snow. THIS is not snow. THIS is a cruel joke.

Snow Angel. Yes, she's still in her pajamas. We had to hurry. The snow would likely have melted if we would have stopped for breakfast or a change of clothing.

We had a few little flurries throughout the day. After a while, I couldn't keep the kids inside. The whole neighborhood was alive. It was crazy! People bundled their babies up and took them for walks in the slush. Kids were sledding, snowball fighting, and fort building.

A lesson in truly enjoying what you're given.


Sargent Family said...

oh my goodness! too funny! how can they justify a snow day!? reily looks so much like payton in that picture! i'm glad everyone was excited about it though:)

traci said...

It's hilarious what they call snow days around here. Okay, so the ice storms are bad and I think the kids should stay home from school because the roads are down right scary, but the snow days around here are a joke. And, your's looks like it was a doozy of a joke! I am sure your New England days are nothing in comparison. I just hope you don't get any freezing rain!!!!

Angie said...

too funny... that is frost not snow! i love it!8)

Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

How funny- it's so amusing to live in the south! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I didn't realize you were a blogger, although you might have told me! Hooray, now I can add you to google reader, and keep up with the fun you guys are having!

Love the pic of Riley in your make-up. Classic.

erin said...

these people have no clue what snow is.

but i love the pictures of my neices.