Monday, July 6, 2009

Berry Cute

Reily has managed to keep herself busy this summer. She manages to keep us ALL on our matter what season it is!!

Reily begged to go outside. When she got outside there was a brief cloud burst. Perfect. This little duck loves the rain.

Goggle, jammies and the after-swim crash!

Berry Pickin'


Angie said...

what a doll... LOVE her! I know I say this all the time when you post about her... but she just makes me smile! :D Thanks Reily!

erin 'n phil said...

freakin love that girl. and has she already grown since I saw her a couple weeks ago?!?! Geez!! She grows so fast.

Jen Hallam said...

Man, they are all growing up fast. I blink and they are dancing in the rain. Points to you for being a mom and a darn good one. Also, points to you for being my friend on Facebook. he he