Thursday, August 5, 2010

Faling in love with Fallingwater

I didn't know how important this place was to me. As we drove the long-ish road I got all butterfly-ish.

This is one from my bucket list.

I was giddy. More so than my children. But, I think they found glimmers of enjoyment; like the algae-ridden pool and the slicker-than-snot rocks in the river.

I enjoyed all the artsy fantasticness of the place. Frank Lloyd Wright has always been an idol of mine.




Oh yeah, on the way, we drove through Normalville. Small town. It was a nice break from the Crazyville we've been living in. I guess I could say, "Nice place. But, I wouldn't want to live there'"

But, that would be the jealousy speaking.


Mom said...

What state is this in? It's BEAUTIFUL - what a thrill for you.

ALYN said...

I think Fallingwater is on my list... someday.