Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pitsburgh - Stitchburgh - Pukesburgh

Oh, Pittsburgh. You are my new Georgia. And that really means something.

It's 2:30am on Wednesday. We've been here almost 12 hours.

I've scoured the hotel for a soda machine that will accept bills. So, I could buy a ginger ale for my pukey little 7 year old. She's rolling with a tummy ache next to me.

We've taken the kids swimming, broke their hearts because the jacuzzi is broken.

Blaine has been to the ER to get 9 stitches for Payton's lip. yep. ER. yep. 9 stitches. Sister jumped on his face in the pool. He's proud of his new teeth through the lip, blue-stitched, think pad.

I would've liked to have posted this earlier; but, the front desk insists on maintaining the charade that I have internet access in my room and they will get a tech on it tomorrow...or tomorrow...or maybe NEVER!!

We found a spot of tortoise-like wireless in the lobby. I can eat my Canadian smuggled Aero bar and blog to my hearts content.

I will give you a point of redemption...


love, love, love

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