Saturday, October 18, 2008

A day at the zoo

We have a great little zoo here in Columbia. Reily and I met a couple of friends on Monday for a morning with the critters. It was so much fun. The monkeys were loud and leaping around. The baby lions were actively playing. We saw so many creatures. It was great. The highlight of the day was scavenging lettuce to feed the giraffes. They are definitely her favorite animals.
(FYI: She dresses herself : )

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traci said...

Have you seen my kids? They have been dressing themselves since age 2 (except Trevor - I still had control until 1st grade). I guess we should all be proud of their ability to dress themselves although a matching outfit every once in awhile? Is that too much to ask? She looks cute and I am glad you are enjoying your new surroundings. I mean Columbia, not the zoo!