Saturday, October 18, 2008

A lesson in entomology

The picture does not do her justice.

Tuesday, Reily stepped right into a mound of fire ants. If you are not familiar with these awful creatures, count your lucky stars.
They are residents of the South and their bite packs a bit of heat...earning them the "fire" title. They are actually relatives of wasps and sting rather than bite. They swarm onto you without you knowing and then...ZOWY! And the bites stick around and itch miserably for a week or more!
The poor girl got about 50 bites on each foot. But, she's been a trooper. Benadryl, Aveeno and Neosporin have been our close friends. She's well on the road to recovery.

I posioned the ants real good! ; )

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erin said...

poor baby. don't worry, uncle peanut will kill those suckers.