Monday, October 13, 2008

Sweater Saboteur...

Last week the big kids had picture day. Macy was in the greatest of all her Hollywood turmoil trying to put together an outfit that please her glitzy side and her mother. Mom trumped it all with a plain white shirt with a cute little collar...totally yuck to someone sooo...diva-esque.

So, I bribed her. I said she could wear Reily's new birthday sweater. Reily did not like this idea. But, I figured the kids would be out the door before she even woke up. It would work out just fine.

When we woke in the morning, we found this:

It seems as thought jealousy got the best of our little Reily. While we thought she was sleeping, she was tartar-controlling the sweater. lovely.


ALYN said...

That sounds like drama of the highest sort in the AM.

Hopefully Macy made it to school with a smile?

Jen Hallam said...

Ah yes, it seems like you still have plenty o' drama in the house with your wee ones. It was so good to see your name pop up on my blog. I'm beyond the moon in happiness to see you at this station of your lives. Looks pretty darn good!