Monday, December 15, 2008

Blaman, Cuzer, Cleanup, Blixen?

Can you name Santa's reindeer? It's a lot easier than the 7 dwarves. But, that may just be because of the song.

Rudolph goes Hollywood. Name them? Why when there's an ENTIRE song about them! But, do you recall?...

The 3 year old...shouting out to Santa's non-existent reindeer and the rest of the fam.

The difficult pre-pubescent brother...refusing to give them names that are anything but rubbish.

And...the show off!! Of course. She knows them ALL. (She must have practiced. She was throwing in some pretty creative compound reindeer names last week.)


erin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We totally died laughing watching this. We're so happy we made Santa's reindeer list! My legs are going to be tired on Christmas Eve. Love your kids. They are so stinkin cute!

Angie said...

cute, cute kids! could you please send Reily to us for Christmas???

Jen Hallam said...

No wonder Santa can fly every year, he has more reindeer than we were originally told.