Monday, December 15, 2008

Bouncing Baby Birthday Boy!!

For atleast a week before his birthday, Payton begged me to let him open just one present. It would always end in "No" and him being fairly upset. (It didn't help that Reily would open his birthday cards as they came in the mail and leave the gift cards lying around) I would just note that those are the rules in Birthdaytown....take it up with the mayor. He never let up. Quite tenacious.

So, I gave in. I told him he could open ONE present the day before his birthday. It was the ol' box-within-a-box gift. Hee...Hee...Hee. Sometimes, I LOVE being the Mayor of Birthdaytown.

He unwrapped, untaped, untied. Until it ended with...

A lump of coal...
for trying to celebrate your birthday a day early.

The Mayor of Birthdaytown

I guess the power is going to my head. I may not get re-elected. But, it was fun while it lasted.

He did turn 11 the next day and he got to open all of his presents. He even got to play his new wii game ALL NIGHT LONG! That was a happy birthday to him!

We love you Peej. Thanks for tolerating us for 11 years. You're a great kid!


Angie said...

happy happy birthday payton! so are you going to open any Christmas gifts early???? inquiring minds want to know! we love ya!

Ken & Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Payton! I can't believe you are one year away from becoming a Deacon. WOW! Wish we could come home teaching and enjoy being with your wonderful family.


erin said... this! the video is so payton. way to go mayor.